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The award winning Geneo+ 4-in-1 Super Facial offers a multi-level approach to skin rejuvenation. This advanced machine combines four proven anti-ageing technologies, including advanced exfoliation, skin oxygenation, RF heat production that directly stimulates collagen fibres in the skin giving a tightening contoured effect and active ingredient infusion. This multi-level rejuvenating facial promises radiant and enhanced skin after just one facial. However for the best results possible this facial is designed to have as apart of a course once a week for 6 weeks

As part of the Geneo+ Facial treatment, the skin is cleansed and tightened, dead skin cells are removed via deep mechanical exfoliation, nutrients and oxygen are infused into the skin, and finally, radio-frequency and ultrasonic waves are applied to tighten the skin. Studies demonstrate clearer and tighter skin as a result of this effective treatment protocol. Geneo treatment kits are offered in five variations: illuminate, revive, hydrate, balance, detox

The Benefits include:

* Creates natural skin oxygenation
* Cleansing with advanced exfoliation
* Infusion of active ingredients
* Skin tightening, firming & contouring
* Safe and effective for all skin types
* Clinically proven
* No down time

Treatment Options

  • Geneo+ Facial 
  • Geneo+ Advanced Facial 
  • Geneo course of 6 £500
  • Geneo+ advanced course of 6 £600

DMA course add on £100 – 

When dynamic muscle activation is performed alongside radio-frequency the muscle contraction results in liquidised fat drainage along with activating the facial muscles resulting in lifting and toning the SMAS layer performing a facelift effect.

Check out these before and afters from one course of six using the illuminate pod and click here to book.