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Waxing Treatments


Our waxing experts use the most advanced waxing products for the most comfortable and effective treatments,

Please ensure your skins is hydrated and exfoliated 24hours prior to your appointment and on the day of your wax please DO NOT apply moisturiser to the area to be waxed.

Please also STOP using any retinol based creams at least 4 days prior to your appointment.

Your hairs must be 5mm long for waxing to be effective

Full leg wax 

Full leg & bikini 

Bikini line 

High /bikini line 

¾ leg 

½ leg 

Leg wax special – ½ leg, bikini, underarm 



Lip or chin 

Lip and chin 

Brow wax 

Face wax 

Nostril / ears

******Wax Experts peelable wax******


Bikini line 

High /bikini line